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How to Cancel Priceline's "Express Deal"

How you can cancel Priceline Express Deal with refund

Priceline always has some amazing deals where you can get hotels for a very low price. Of course, that sounds pretty great at first, because who doesn't like to save money? However, there is still a catch.

With Priceline, you only find out where the trip is going once you've booked. At most, you can choose the city, but that's it. The hotel in which you will be accommodated is chosen by Priceline itself.

The main problem is that these bookings cannot be canceled. Sure, these seemingly cheap deals come from somewhere. But there's still a way you can cancel Priceline Express Deals.

Step 1 - Call Priceline.

First, your best bet is to call Priceline's hotline. However, we recommend that you be as honest as possible. Simply Then your counterpart on the phone will at most tell you that you have made a booking which cannot be canceled.

The best option is to suggest to the employee that you check with the hotel to see if they agree to the cancellation. In our case, the guy on the phone agreed to our suggestion. He said that if the hotel where we were supposed to sleep accepted it, we would get a refund. And of course, we have to be able to prove that the hotel staff actually agreed to it.

Step 2 - Call the hotel

Now, of course, you call the hotel where you are supposed to stay. Also in this case we advise you to stay friendly. Even if you don't like the hotel, there are still normal people working there. Besides, respect will always get you further, and not only when it comes to hotel cancellations.

Just be honest and explain your situation. Ask for the name of the hotel, so you can give them a reference when you call Priceline again. Often the hotels are more accommodating than you think. That's why we had no problem with the accommodation agreeing to our cancellation.

Step 3 - Call Priceline one more time

Now it's time to call the Priceline hotline again. This time, tell them that you called the hotel, just like the last time you called them. Tell them that they agreed to the cancellation and also mention the name of the person you talked to on the phone.

Now Priceline will contact the hotel and make a phone call to the person you mentioned by name. If there is proof in this way, your booking will be canceled and you will not have spent money for nothing. Now you can be happy you could cancel a Priceline Express Deal.


Canceling a Priceline Express Deal is doable. The booking is actually non-refundable, but with a little knowledge, there is still a possibility. Above all, respect and honesty are important, then you have already collected many plus points.

Usually, the hotels are also very polite and agree to the cancellation of an actually non-refundable booking. However, you should not take this for granted because this really only happens out of goodwill. But it is obviously possible to cancel such a booking with simple means.

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