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What Countries Americans Can Travel to in 2021

We just celebrated COVID-19’s first birthday, and it’s been a very long year for all of us. Most of us are still stuck in our homes, unable to go anywhere for months because of strict guidelines and protocols. While working at home has its benefits and perks (like being able to take naps and saving up on food!), it’s not as fun as it used to be especially if all you’ve been seeing for the year are the walls of your home.

It’s been an ever changing situation however we are starting to see some countries open back up to tourism. You should always consider your personal safety and take proper care and sanitation, you’ll be fine flying. Don’t let that stop you from living your life, just always practice social distancing and caution in all the places you’ll go!

Last year we made a list of all the countries that only require quarantining, but with all the new regulations, we feel like it’s really time to update them! So, we’ve made it easier for you and compiled a list of countries that only require quarantine, so you don’t need to go to high-risk places and spend extra on tests. You’ll also find a few pros and cons of each destination if you’re planning to spend a month in them, so that you can truly see which one is the place for you:



  • Only requires testing if the airline you chose or your country of origin requires it

  • Quarantine not required

  • Airlines flying into Tanzania is limited (Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Emirates, Air Tanzania)


Dominican Republic

  • No testing required

  • Free viral antigen testing for hotel visitors

  • Random breath tests for those showing symptoms


Costa Rica

  • No testing required

  • No quarantine required

  • No curfew in place

  • must still complete an epidemiological Health Pass and provide proof of health insurance



  • No testing required

  • No quarantine required

  • Health screening required

  • With curfew


  • No testing required

  • 14 days in a “safe corridor country” required

North Macedonia

  • No testing required

  • No quarantine required

  • No curfew in place

  • No restrictions on interstate/inter-city travel

  • No visa required if under 90 days

  • Ban on gatherings in public spaces



  • No testing required

  • No quarantine required

  • No land travel to border

  • Negative test required to return to the US

  • High crime rates


Here are a list of European countries that don’t require testing, as long as you have these requirements:


  • US Business travelers can visit for business reasons on production of an invitation from the business they are meeting and if they adhere to social distancing and other epidemiological precautions.


  • No quarantine for travelers who present:

    • a meeting invitation from the company they are visiting, including scheduled time and place and an explanation of why it would be impractical to postpone the meeting or work and why it can't take place virtually.

    • evidence of a contractual relationship with the company

    • contact information for the person they are meeting, who must confirm the meeting is taking place and its necessity.


  • A letter of invitation from the company they are visiting

  • Only allowed travel to hotel and company, unless quarantined for 14 days


  • Authorization from Greek embassy or consulate of the US needed

As you can see, there are a lot of countries removed from our previous list, since most have been wary of letting in travelers without testing especially because of the new COVID-19 variants. However, if you are still up and ready to go travel, here is a quick checklist on the countries that allow US citizens to travel, and whether they needed to be tested, quarantined, allowed for business, and the like:

X - No

/ - Yes

O - undetermined

Always make sure to prepare the necessary things for your chosen place so that you won’t be caught off guard. It is also important to bring multiple safety precautions with you at all times (masks/sanitizers/alcohols). As of March 05, 2021, all stated information are accurate. HOWEVER, travel regulations can often change without notice, especially since the world is still trying to adjust to life during a pandemic. Exercise caution, and do your research thoroughly!






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