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10 Ways to Save money on Airline tickets

Let's face it - everyone is a bit suspicious when it comes to flight booking.

Will the prices drop? Am I spending too much on my airline ticket? Am I choosing the right flight deal? Are there any better bargains?...

Tons of questions pop in our heads before letting ourselves to our fate and clicking the 'Purchase Tickets' button. there really a way that guarantees a bang for the buck?

Yes, there is. Actually, there are. And we are listing them below.

Save On Airline Bookings: 10 Flight Booking Hacks 

1. Book Your Ticket 47 Days Before Your Trip


Yes, 47 days seems to be the ideal timeframe for booking an airline ticket. According to many surveys and data used from last year, buying a domestic flight ticket 47 days before your takeoff will guarantee a bang for the buck.

2. Clear Your Cookies

Whether it's Chrome, Firefox or Safari - clearing your browser cookies may save you some money on airline tickets. How?

Well, the airline operators use your cookies and information to see how many times you will log in to their website and plan on trip. With every new time you open their site, the flight rates may change. Clearing your cookies, however, will make them drop.

3. Hide Your IP Address

The airline ticket rates are tied to your location. In other words, the ticket price is not the same in each country or region. However, you can put the black hat on and hide your IP location - or make it look like you are logged in from elsewhere. There are tons of VPN services you may want to consider.

4. Make Tuesdays, Wednesdays And Saturdays Your Flying Days

People fly the most on Fridays and Sundays. Hence, these days are the most popular ones for flight booking. Alternatively, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are not so popular. Filling those empty seats during these days will definitely guarantee a lower flight price.

5. Book With More Connections

We agree that direct flights are the best. But they also can be the most expensive ones. 

That is why you should consider flights with more connections. For example, if you are flying from New York to Los Angeles, a 30-minute stop in Kansas city won't hurt you - and it will certainly drop the price of the two separate flights.

6. Explore The 'Hidden Cities'

There are many cities close to the cities you visit. And fortunately, the airline connections between these cities come with lower flight prices as well. There are also budget plane companies and airports of that kind. Make sure to make the most of them - and their low prices. Of course, if the purpose of your travel allows that.

7. Fly With Two Different Airlines

Your single round trip fare may cost a fortune just because it's the same company you are flying with back and forth. Explore the possibilities and flights of other airline companies that depart from different airports within the same location. The prices will drop for sure.

8. Your 24-Hour Flight Ticket Refund

Only a small portion of the travelers know that once you book an airline ticket, you have 24 hours to change and/or cancel it. Trying to do so may come with lower prices as well. It doesn't hurt trying, right?

9. Sign Up For Email Newsletters From Your Flight Companies

Everyone hates aggressive emails. But when there are coupons for lower prices involved, you should thank them. Sign up to the email lists of your favorite airline operators and you will sure come across many loyalty discounts, coupons and offers.

10. Travel In Low Season

You should know that the airline tickets are more expensive proportionally with the season popularity. For example, the most expensive flights happen in May and September. Skip these months if your travel allows that - and you will save some money in your wallet.

A Final Word

Smart thinking is a must if you are a frequent airline traveler. You may save $50, $100 or $200 this year using these tricks - but in the long run - that can be a great amount of money well saved.

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